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Corona Virus (COVID 19)

ABC’s for a Safe and Healthy Nursery

Guidelines for Parents


Dear Parents,

To ensure safety in our daily operations after the closure phase and to ensure all children, parents, and staff in the post-COVID-19 circumstances are protected from incurring the virus, ABC nursery will implement changes with strict controls, for public health and safety protocols. These preventive measures aim for the highest health and safety standards for children and staff.

Children need to return to nursery for their wellbeing, and for a wider development so if you have concerns about your child returning to nursery because you consider they may have other risk factors, you should read these guidelines and you can discuss with nursery admin to explain some ways we are changing things to reduce risks. However, children under the care of a healthspecialist may need to discuss their care before returning to the nursery.

 It is really important that we join hands to implement these actions and follow ABCs for safety and well-being of ABC Nursery stakeholders:

Awareness and Acceptance:

  • ABC Nursery will minimize contact between children by keeping groups apart and stay within specified separate groups (or bubbles) and avoid sharing resources among them. Children from different bubbles do not share the same sleeping space or equipment each bubble will stay together for the entire day and with the same nursery staff. A Maximum of 8 children aged 45 days to 2 years and a maximum of 10 children aged 2-4 years of age from each bubble attend on any one day or time.

  • Parents must keep their child/children at home if they are generally unwell. Children must not return to the nursery until they are healthy and/or no longer exhibiting any symptoms for a minimum of 24 hours.

  • In the event when UAE government declares closure, children from 2-4 years will be learning remotely with their class teacher this will be alternative solutions for providing services to families during suspension times.

  • Children in nurseries will not need to wear a face mask, unless required.

  • Posters and signages will be seen in the setting, all are requested to strictly observe and follow.

  • Parents must read and understand hygiene, respiratory and handwashing procedures provided by the nursery and support them at home

  • Parents are encouraged to assist the nursery in explaining the “whys” of creating new protocol and system in the setting.

  • Staff will regularly undergo PCR testing and attend trainings and webinars to them updated.

Behavior and Best practice

  • Our regular health and hygiene practices provide some of the best defenses against the spread of most contagious illnesses. In addition to regular and thorough cleaning and sanitation of classrooms and the entire setting, surfaces and toys, we teach children good hand-washing practices and ensure that children and staff take important precautions against the spread of germs. Deep cleaning will be regularly done by a sanitation company to ensure health and safety of staff and children.

  • Rooms will be adapted to ensure we can clean them effectively and we’ve removed any toys or furnishings that are trickier to clean.

  • Parents are encouraged to give their child/children opportunities to become increasingly independent with hygiene procedures such as hand washing, using the bathroom and feeding them as developmentally appropriate.

  • To minimize cross-contamination, child’s food items will not be heated in the microwave. It is suggested to send food that is not needed to be kept in the fridge (i.e., sandwiches, fruits, etc) or send it in a thermal food container. Designated nursery staff will store children’s lunch boxes in a place in the classroom that is specific to their bubbles. After it is wiped down on arrival (preferably lunch in a hard plastic easy to clean that is only used for home and nursery).

  • Parents are encouraged to send healthy food items for snack and meals that children can manage independently as appropriate to their developmental stage and also increase the independence of children aged 2-4 to ensure they handle their own food containers and items.

  • For infants and children who are bottle-fed, parents are requested to send enough bottles for the day as the nursery will not do sterilization. Breastfeeding is also discontinued for the time-being according to the authorities.

  • Parents must wash their hands or use hand sanitizer before dropping off or collecting their child/children from the nursery and to model and teach their child/children how to wash their hands at home effectively.

  • For ‘Pick Up’and ‘Drop Off’ of children, parents will not be allowed to enter the nursery. A designated staff will pick and drop the child from the gate. Parents can call in advance to avoid waiting. Parents must maintain social distancing during drop off and pick up times.

  • Nursery timing is from 6:45am to 2:30pm. Extension care services are available for an extra 200aed per hour, only until 5:30pm

  • Payment is preferably be on a monthly basis for 0-3 years old and per term payment for PreKG classes through online banking (deadline will be every 2nd  of each month); ABC Nursery account details will be sent and receipt will be issued and sent electronically.

  • A month fee of post-paid cheque will be required upon registration. This will be returned during unforeseen closure of the setting.

  • Children 2-4 yrs old will be required to wear the ABC Nursery uniform.

  • Emirates ID is required upon registration for both new and registered children.

  • In the event that the child needs to isolate for 14 days due to COVID-19 or any sickness and holidays, paid period will be not be refunded nor adjusted for the incoming period.

  • Parents must ensure that their child/children do/do not bring any unnecessary items from home, such as toys, to the nursery to avoid unnecessary contacts and reduce the risk.

  • Parents must ensure that they will provide 5 sets of bedding to the nursery. These beddings will be returned home at the end of each week or 1 daily after use as requested.

  • Parents are requested to send one pair of shoes to be kept and used inside the nursery only.

  • Parents are responsible for the transportation of their own children to and from the nursery. Sharing transportation with other children other than family will not be allowed.

  • The nurse will follow strict procedures in monitoring the health of nursery staff and children. Fever will be checked upon arrival, throughout the day and before leaving.

  • Social distancing must be carefully balanced with ensuring the emotional well being of each child. If a child becomes upset at any time with us we will comfort them as they need, be this with a cuddle or a story time for example. No child will be left crying because of social distancing.

Communication and Cooperation:

  • Children  with weak immune system due to chronic illness such as chronic respiratory diseases are identified as being  ‘At Risk’  these categories are not allowed to be enrolled in the nursery without a note from the doctor stating it is safe for their child/children to return to the nursery during COVID-19.

  • As identified by the authorities in the UAE, the symptoms of COVID-19 include a fever, cough or shortness of breath, repeated shaking with chills, muscle pain, headache, sore throat and/ or loss of taste or smell. Abdominal and neck pain, vomiting and diarrhea, a rash or feeling tired are additional symptoms seen in children. A child’s fever is considered high if it is 37.5 C or above. It is important to note that not all adults or children will have the same symptoms so staff and parents should be vigilant at all time and take the necessary precautionary measures.

  • Do not send your child to the nursery if they are showing coronavirus (COVID-19) symptoms or someone in their household is showing symptoms. Arrange a test if you or your child develops symptoms. Immediately inform the nursery of the results.

  • If a child/staff member begins to show symptoms of COVID-19 while at the nursery, they will be isolated, and the parent will be notified immediately.  Parents must arrange to pick up their child/children within 1 hour; the patient should be referred to the hospital to take the necessary action. The child should not return to the nursery until the PCR result is obtained. If the result is negative, the child can resume nursery so long as they are symptom-free. If the result is positive, parents must inform the nursery. The nursery is to be closed immediately be able to trace the contacts of the patient, including other staff members along with children from the same bubble as they will all be considered close connections. They should all commence the 14-day quarantine counted from the day of the positive test. They can’t return unless they are granted a clearance certificate by MOH stating that they are discharged from isolation.

  • The Nursery will update some of the policies to reflect any new rules or approaches. The new policies will be posted on the website. Parents must refer to the principal should they have any questions or concerns regarding updated information or changes to existing policies/procedures. Virtual meeting will be conducted by the nursery manager prior to reopening date to explain updated policies and procedures (date will be informed later).

  • Children’s achievements will be sent home only at the end of the term. Photos will be sent to the parents at the end of each week to show children’s activities.

  • The nursery will encourage a paperless strategy and use technology to communicate with staff and parents. Parents are advised to check the website regularly for any communication and updates.

  • For new student, registration can happen online.  If necessary, parents/guardians visits for registration and tours should be based on an appointment system when there are no children in the nursery.

  • A declaration form will be posted on our website and will be sent to parents on the WhatsApp group. Parents must read, sign and return the declaration form every Sunday at This is required to continually update the status of your child/children.

  • Parents must ensure that the ALHOSN application has been downloaded and is active to ensure traceability in the event of infection

  • Parents must inform the nursery of any upcoming travel plans and adhere to quarantine requirements upon returning to the U.A.E and the instruction from the ALHOSN application including any self-isolation and 14 days quarantine before joining the nursery.

  • Parents will be able to reach out to the nursery and seek medical or educational needs of their child/children if and when needed by calling our mobile number 050-6227041.

  • ABC Nursery Management Team and Staff will be available to assist your queries and concerns in a timely manner. Feel free to approach us at your convenience.

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