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ABC Nursery has been providing children and their respective families with memorable preschool experiences since 1979. At ABC Nursery, we believe in active learning, where children are deeply engaged in the process.  


ABC Nursery was started with the aim of meeting the needs of working parents in Abu Dhabi, by providing an affordable high quality care facility, which has the child at its heart. We understand that all children are special, with their own individual requirements.

Our aims

  • To welcome, involve and inform parents on children’s well-being and development

  • To plan for each child’s development by following the ‘Early Years Foundation Stage Framework’ (EYFS)

  • To provide a bright, stimulating, inspiring child friendly environment

  • To respect and value family differences in culture, background and composition

The ABC Nursery Team

The ABC Nursery Team

We're more than just a daycare

The ABC Nursery team --  the management, all its teachers and support staff aim to provide all the children with an excellent quality of learning and care experience, which will set them on the right path for a brighter future is a statement that they are really happy to share. They are very proud to say they work for ABC Nursery and they hope that you find the nursery as inviting as they did all those years ago. 


As the Management Team of ABC Nursery, Victoria and Ahlam's roles involves supporting staff with routines, learning and education plans for children. They focus a lot of their time on building a strong, happy staff team so that you, as parents, can rely on ABC Nursery to provide a warm and nurturing environment for your children.​ Although the Management Team are not room based, they love spending time with the children, getting involved in circle times, singing and playing in the rooms as much as they can.

Our website has more information and images that will give you a more detailed insight into who we are. Lastly, please do come and visit us – we welcome appointments for you to take a look around and meet the ABC Nursery team.

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